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FireHawk Carbon Monoxide Alarm £35 
The FireHawk CO7 battery operated Carbon Monoxide alarm is ideal for the home and travelling on holiday. It’s compact size takes up little room in the baggage but gives you invaluable protection from faulty heating and cooking appliances wherever you are.
  • Sealed Long Life Lithium Battery.

  • 7 year sensor. Top quality Figaro electro-chemical sensor ensures accuracy and longevity.

  • Automatic Sensor Test

  • End of life indicator. 3 short beeps every minute indicate end of sensor life.

  • Co alarm silencer. Silences alarm for up to 10 minutes.

  • SILENCE LOW BATTERY WARNING. Chirp for up to 10 hours. Ideal for night-time use.

  • LED INDICATORS. For power, alarm and fault condition.

  • VERSATILE MOUNTING SYSTEM. Allows alarm to be fixed to a surface or to be used free-standing.

  • COMPACT AND STYLISH DESIGN.  100mm (H) x 65mm (W) x 30mm (D)

TROLLULL Stove Glass Cleaners are the first dry cleaning pads for a clear view on your fire. They clean fast and scratch-free any stove glass. Guaranteed! 

​Package Content - 2 sponges per package.

  • The elastic nonwoven fabric completely absorbs even the most stubborn born soot and dirt.

  • The stove glass cleaner is gentle and works safely and reliably on all glass.

  • The pads are reusable - simply tap off the soot. Do not rinse! 

  • Please ensure you wear gloves when using the product.

Troll Stove Glass Cleaner £7.50
Valiant Stove Thermometer £15 

The VALIANT magnetic Thermometer is designed to display the temperature very clearly to enable the owner to maintain a safe and efficient operating temperature and to assist to optimise the fuel consumption and maintain maximum performance.

  • The VALIANT thermometer is of robust design, with a strong magnet; for use on any hot Steel or Iron surface including Stoves, BBQ, Ranges, Patio Heaters, Flue pipes or Chimineas.

  • It may be placed on the top, front or side, on a flat or curved surface.

  • The built in magnet will maintain its hold on to steel up to temperatures of around 800°F (425°C).

  • Please note: Never touch when hot. Magnets may reduce in strength when very hot, returning to normal when cooled. Weight: 75g

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